Privacy Policy- Dimpal Yadav

When you are using our website, we can assure you that any private or sensitive information you may choose to share will be secure with us. During your visits to our website Dimple Yadav, we collect some information about you obligatorily.

Also, through outbound links, we may guide you to third-party information or websites. The third-party websites are sites that are in our same e-space. You should check the privacy policies of all such websites you visit to get a better understanding of how they protect your personal information.

Personal Data Security That We GuaranteeDimple Yadav Privacy Policy

Our website understands how important it is to protect the sensitive information of our users. We only utilize the information for the relevant purposes that we will discuss below. We want our visitors to have full confidence in us and it is more important to us than anything else. This motto makes our foundation upon which we strive to deliver excellent customer support. These are the policies that we adopt for every one of our visitors to maintain your safety online.

  • We use the strictest of security policies that we implement while protecting our visitors’ private info.
  • When we are gathering the data, we use it only to help our clients get the best possible customer service and for running the company. We use only necessary information and nothing more.
  • Only qualified experts are allowed to handle the information that we receive from you to avoid data leakage. We have a strict code of discipline that the employees who do cannot stick to the code face penalty.
  • Third parties do not have any access to your information unless we have an agreement with the visitors for disclosures of information or the law requires us to do so.
  • Even if we form a contract with third parties to offer support services, we make sure that they comply with our user agreement and non-negotiable privacy policy. We assess their performance meanwhile in contract to make sure the policies are not being breached.
  • We keep all the records up-to-date so that we can be as accurate as possible. Other than cases where we are given limited powers by law, we always advise our visitors to check where and how to get hold of their information. If you come across breaches or mistakes, let us know and we shall correct them swiftly.

The Information That We Collect From Visitors

  1. General Info – To provide you with the best service possible, we are required to gather information such as your name, address, contact info, and IP address. Our website is for people over the age of 18, therefore anyone underage is not legally allowed to share data with us.
  2. Website Usage Info – By default we gather your IP address and general information about your usage time each time you visit our page. We want to understand how our visitors interact with our page so we collect general information like their engagement time on each page.
  3. Cookies – The cookie technology is very important to better your browsing experience on our website. We may transmit cookies to your device when you log in and use some of our website’s essential services. When a website sends you a cookie, it saves some data on your computer’s hard drive or RAM.
  4. Security – Your security is guaranteed as we only store your information on servers with very restrictive access. So, all your information is aptly protected from intrusions and leaks.
  5. Internet Transfers – The Internet’s design automatically means that your data must be transferred internationally for gathering and handling purposes. Your usage of through the internet means your agreement and correspondence for data transfers.
  6. Policy Modifications – We retain the right to change the terms of this Terms Of Service at any time. Even if the Security Policy shifts, we will not be using your personal information in a way that is materially incompatible with the Privacy Policy unless you expressly consent.

Intellectual Property Rights

Everything on our website from text, graphics, sounds, and software is our original and exclusive property. All the rights, interests, and titles are by default ours. All the things such as copyright contents, symbols, names, service marks, and such associated or included in our website are our intellectual property. Copying, changing, modifying, or creating similar works on our website is strictly prohibited. You do not have any right to do any of the things mentioned as per this agreement.

Any specific content or material that is leased or rented from third parties shall remain the intellectual property of the third parties. Trademark, copyright, and other statutory intellectual property rights protect the proprietary data, proprietary rights, and trademarks on our website and its content.

It is your duty to monitor any copyright and other trademark notices if you purchase anything from this site. Unless we agree differently in writing, we shall hold and keep all interests and titles in or to any intellectual property rights relevant to the creation or design of the products manufactured with or given to you.

There are no rights in this agreement that says that you design and create the content or other intellectual property for you. You do not have any right over our intellectual property and cannot claim any such.

We are committed to maintaining the security and privacy of your data from any harm. We protect all the private information that you decide to share with us.